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Trudeau admits...he's a junkie (according to Conservatives)


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Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he smoked marijuana about three years ago, after becoming an MP, and also revealed his late brother Michel faced a possession charge before his death in an avalanche.

In an interview with Huffington Post Canada's Althia Raj, Trudeau said his brother's legal trouble over a small quantity of marijuana was one of the experiences that influenced what he has called an "evolution" in his thinking on marijuana laws.

Trudeau told the Huffington Post that he has smoked marijuana five or six times in his life and that he does not do other drugs and doesn't particularly like to drink alcohol or even coffee.

He said the last time he smoked marijuana was about three years ago.

"We had a few good friends over for a dinner party, our kids were at their grandmother's for the night, and one of our friends lit a joint and passed it around. I had a puff," Trudeau said in the Huffington Post interview.

"I'm not someone who is particularly interested in altered states, but I certainly won’t judge someone else for it," he told Raj.

But, he added, "I think that the prohibition that is currently on marijuana is unjustified."

Justice Minister Peter MacKay said that smoking pot as an MP demonstrated "a profound lack of judgment" on Trudeau's part.

"By flouting the laws of Canada while holding elected office, he shows he is a poor example for all Canadians, particularly young ones. Justin Trudeau is simply not the kind of leader our country needs," MacKay said in a statement.

Trudeau has come out in favour of the legalization and regulation of pot in recent months after earlier supporting an attempt by the Conservatives to toughen marijuana laws. The government has since passed a law that sets mandatory minimum sentencing for pot possession.

In an email to CBC News, Trudeau's spokeswoman, Kate Monfette, confirmed the details of the Huffington Post story.

The Huffington Post said it asked all the federal party leaders when they last smoked pot. The Prime Minister's Office said Stephen Harper has never smoked marijuana, pointing out he has asthma, and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's office said the opposition leader has smoked marijuana but refused to say when.

Brother faced possession charge

Trudeau told the Huffington Post his younger brother Michel, who died in a B.C. avalanche in 1998 at the age of 23, was facing a charge of marijuana possession after a small quantity of pot was found in his car by a police officer following an accident.

"Mich had charges pending against him when he died for marijuana possession even though it was just a tiny amount," Trudeau said, adding that this was a factor in his initial decision to back decriminalization.

Since then, Trudeau said, he has been persuaded by scientific studies and by groups such as NORML Women's Alliance of Canada, that regulation and taxation of marijuana is the best way to keep it out of the hands of young people.

He said he still believes marijuana is harmful to young people and would support harsher penalties for selling marijuana near a school.

"I do not see this as a slippery slope…. I see this as an issue of legislators slowly catching up to where public opinion and public behaviour actually is," he told the Huffington Post.

After the Huffington Post interview was published, Trudeau took to Twitter in mock regret.

Justin Trudeau, MP @JustinTrudeau

Realizing I may have made a major mistake in my openness and transparency: vicious attacks coming because I don’t drink coffee. #oops


Good that he's being honest about it. Conservatives already saying he's a drug addict and a liar when interviewed yet ignoring themselves stealing money hand over fist, misspending, behavioural issues.

All I can say is Trudeau while I am not a big fan, has been open, honest and transparent. Something years of Harper promises have not been.

And for me that's a huge plus. Still not enough yet to make me vote red, but plenty to keep me from voting blue

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Sounds like a bunch of old people yelling at others about not going by the values that were taught when they were kids. This really shouldn't be news, especially since he is open to legalization. And to call him a junkie is hilarious.

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Watching the news right now and this one clown is out there saying that "Trudeau cannot be trusted to run the country, he cannot even be trusted to raise his own kids with a drug dependency"

And the reporter then asked him "Have you settled with elections Canada over your ridings electoral irregularities during the last election?"

He then just walked off.

To funny

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Not sure,

but he did "procure" a helicopter from the search and rescue station to shuttle him around on a private fishing trip, crab party and bbq, he also spent $38k on a photo op while sitting in the cockpit of a mock up of an F-35. Oh and his ship procurement he was wrong about the numbers with which again coincides with the F-35 lies.

So all told he's into us for almost $120 billion and a helicopter ride...but Trudeau's a menace

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We didn't buy them, they signed the procurement contract which means we owe the manufacturing company over 41 billion in fees if we back out of it. They gave us a cost, than changed that number. Than they changed it again, than they showed they had multiple books with multiple numbers on it.

They knowingly lied to us and now have to "hit the reset"

So they didn't buy them, but they've sure cost us a pretty penny lying about it

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check the military procurement contracts and the money quoted as opposed to the money really spent. All told the Conservatives have added hundreds of billions to the national debt without tallying the entire costs of the fighter and naval procurement contracts.

Very simply put man, if you disagree fine. But this classless party is the exact reason I gave up my conservative party card as they are anything but conservative

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