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So I dropped Black Betty off at the mechanic this morning...


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Hoping I could have my issues fixed on the cheap.

Not the case.

I need a new exhaust system ($800) and they haven't even gone after my motor issue yet :(

What kind of expensive vehicle repairs have you had to pay for?

I feel like I'm awaiting test results from the doctor...

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I bought my 15 yo Civic brand new and have had very few issues. One prob was for the airbag sensor that tells me that there 'might' be a problem with my passenger airbag. I don't have a passenger airbag so I didn't do the $1,000 repair. It already failed twice and Honda did it under warranty the first time. I guess the most I put into repairs was a timing belt but that was more of a maintenance thing than anything else.

Edit.. I'm sure that's what the Honda guy quoted me 10 years ago but now I see the modules have really come down in price

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The reason why exhaust systems are expensive is that the manufacturers sell them as one piece from manifold to catalytic conveter to muffler to tailpipe. So you are essentially paying for something that you don't need to replace but typically only sold as a single unit. I have a small crack in the manifold of my car but the rest of the system is fine so I said screw it and kept my money. I pass aircare with flying colours and that won't even matter in a year or two anyways. So unless your exhaust system is rusted out or the muffler is dragging on the ground, you shouldn't really do it. That said, a second opinion would be beneficial.

The most expensive repair I got done was $2400 but that was after like 10 years of routine maintenance so averaged out over the life of the car is like $200 a year. A small price to pay in terms of relativity. I had to replace the front end suspension and few other worn out parts.

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