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Why trading Tanev now would be beneficial for us


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Hey guys,

First of all, I want to say that I am a big fan of Tanev and believe that he is very valuable to this team. His calmness with the puck is off the charts and he is still young with a lot of potential.

That said, trading him right now would make a lot of sense if you ask me. Here are a few points to consider:

1. Tanev has great value

Solid, young defensemen are very hard to come by these days. Tanev’s value is very high now that he has a contract and surely we could get back a pretty good return for him.

2. His relationship with management may have taken a hit as a result of this summer's negotiations

Tanev just went through a negotiation process that dragged out far too long and resulted only in a one year deal. Chances are, his agent’s relationship with the Canucks brass at this point isn’t all that great. I don’t think that Gillis would appreciate Tanev’s agent going out publicly and putting the blame squarely on MG for contract talks stalling and then going out trying to generate interest from Russia to get a bit of leverage. This will have an impact in his negotiations next year with the team which could get complicated real fast, especially if he has a good year on the ice as I will expand upon in my final point.

3. There is no space in our top 4 for Tanev

We also have to take into account that our top four is set for the foreseeable future. Hamhuis, Bieksa, Edler, and Garrison all have NTCs and are all payed north of $4.5 M per. Tanev is clearly ready to step into the top 4 if not this year then next year, meaning he would be next in line for a big contract. Obviously Tanev wouldn’t want to play bottom pairing minutes when he should be in the top 4 and obviously the Canucks can’t afford to pay Tanev top 4 money unless they move one of Hammer, Juice, Eddie, or Garry which would be very hard given they all have NTCs.

4. We have multiple viable replacement candidates for Tanev

Another thing which makes Tanev expendable is that we have a very similar, young defenceman in Frank Corrado, who is also a right shot, that we need to get into the lineup. Plus, recently added UFA Yannik Weber could step into the lineup as a right shot as well. If we did trade Tanev, signing another right shot UFA would be a good thing for insurance.

5. Negotiations next year could get ugly and put us in a bad spot

My final point ties into my second one about contract negotiations and is probably the biggest reason why trading Tanev now would be beneficial for us. Next year will be Tanev’s fourth NHL season. That spells bad news. Why? Because that means he will have arbitration rights next summer. That potentially could lead to a bad situation for the Canucks especially if there is some tension between Tanev’s agent and management. Did you think the contract negotiations this year were painful? Next year would be even worse. He would have more leverage because of the threat of going to arbitration and if he plays well it would be a real possibility he is offer sheeted by other teams, not to mention that he could potentially get big offers from Russia like he did this year.

So, now that he has a contract his trade value is now back to what it was before. He has a lot of value as young defensemen like him are hard to come by. The fact is, Tanev isn’t likely to crack the top four any time soon which he won’t be happy about and we have Corrado who could come in and take his spot at RD on the 3rd pair. But, what scares me the most is the situation next summer with Tanev could get quite nasty for us since he has arbitration rights.

I think it would make a lot of sense to trade him.

My rant is done. :lol:

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Tanev's trade value is not all that high because he has shown no offence and no physical side to his game, He is a decent positional defenseman who doesn't panic with the puck, so far, and that is about it. That said, he can play decent minutes if a top four D is hurt or suspended and be of benefit defensively, but you can't mistake him for an Edler or Garrison or Bieksa offensively, and he is sure as heck no Hamhuis defensively or offensively. He is priced about right - don't overrate him just because he wears a Canuck uniform.

We did that with Luongo, and look where that got us!

Now, if he adds offense to his game, he becomes more valuable and he can get a better contract - but so far, that has been completely unapparent - he has a shot that wouldn't break a pane of glass in an earthquake.

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The only player I was interested in adding to our D corps would have been Murray, but now that he's gone to Montreal I'd have to go with Cody Franson. If his contract negotiations go sour with Toronto, perhaps we can work something out with them? Maybe Tanev would be an important piece of a potential deal, who knows.

EDIT: Although it would be really nice to see Franson in a Canucks uniform.. I highly doubt it's probable, Toronto has their grips on him and I don't think he's going anywhere- and if so probably to a higher bidder.

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I seem to remember AV having issues with O'Brien. Wasn't SOB put on waivers? I suspect that AV had had his fill of Shane.

If anything, MG seems to be a man of his word when it comes to player contracts. Just like he doesn't ask a player to waive a NTC.

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