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The Official SPOTY Awards Thread. (Stupidest Post of the Year)


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Well after something I read earlier I think it might be time to start this thread.

SPOTY stands for Stupidest Post of the Year in hockey forums. Now this gem of an award can be awarded to anyone who posts a comment that unofficialy makes fans of the sport stand up and say wow that's stupid.

These posts can come from any forum or website, must be grounded in honest hockey fact and the poster must have that belief in their own comment that you read it scratch your head and go wow that's stupid.

I will start with this back to back gem I just read off of the TSN website. I was rather astonished after reading something so silly, but even more shocked to read that this person tried to back it up with an even more stupid comment.

So, your first official nominee for the SPOTY is....

"you mention Henriks ironman streak....you mean the one that includes a thirty second shift in Edmonton last year. Sounds pretty silly when matched up to the minutes that a player like Jay Boumeester is on the ice. Sorry I missed that shot he blocked two years ago.....I may never get to see that happen again."

Followed up with this gem

"I thought we were talking ironman streak.....you can google it if you choose. How many Stanley Cups did Henrik win with his 'plethora of playoff games'.....you can google that, too. Oh, and while you're at it, check how many points he has gathered during all of those amazing playoff games"

So now is your chance ladies and gentlemen, have you read something that made you want to face smash your keyboard, drive your head through your monitor, or question why some people are allowed to procreate? Well here is your chance.

Let the SPOTY's commence!!!

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This fresh from the tsn page regarding Olympic starters. One read will tell you why this belongs in the SPOTY category

Zark 2 writes:

"whereswaldo? Be serious. Bernier hasn't even proven himself as a legit starter for a club team yet. How can he be our Olympic goalie? Quick and Price."

I am sure you're all getting the idea now right?

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