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In need of a gaming PC


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Hello everyone, my computer of 5 years has recently crapped out on me and I think that it is time for a new one. I will be re-using my mouse, keyboard and monitor from the old computer and possibly the hard drive. I shall be using it to play games like Battlefield 4 and Borderlands 2, preferably on mid to high settings. My budget for the computer is around 600-800$ and if possible, I would like a SSD to install an OS on. If anyone could recommend a build, I would be very grateful. Thank you for reading!

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I'd recommend having a look at Techreport's system guides, they're not perfect but they give you a good baseline. At your price range I'd recommend going with their 'Econobox' system but upgrading to either an AMD 7850 or 7870. You'd get free games along with what would likely exceed the gaming performance you're after.


Keep in mind though you'd need to add around a hundred bucks for the OS, if you're going to be gaming you'll want either windows 7 or 8 (word to the wise, you don't want windows 8).

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