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Value of Peter Mueller?

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I lobbied here on CDC to sign him last year and was surprised he landed in Florida around $1 mill.

I still really like him. Plays center and wing, brings some definite skills in a body that has acceptable but not exciting speed or size. A smaller but more talented Chris Higgins shall we say?

As for what makes sense? Just under $900K on a guaranteed contract; a number where we can waive him to Utica without counting against the cap. And I would also imagine he would get scooped up on waivers in that scenario anyway... That would take place only if (which is a goal) a cpl of our prized draftee's make the team at forward. It leaves our young guns under more competition but completely free to still earn a roster spot.

$850k is comparable in todays tighter market than what he accepted last year. And he should beat out 19 year old rookies. Also would get chances to play with Kesler and the Sedin's instead of rookies in Florida, which would much more likely win him a bigger contract next year.

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1.4 million. He signed for 1.75 and last year he had a 20% drop in performance, so a 20% drop in salary would be 1.4 million.

He is sort of damaged goods, but still young. I don't see him bouncing back and becoming a top line player, a 40 point 2nd/3rd line tweener is the most you would get out of Mueller. At 1.4 his upside would outweigh his risk, I would say he is low risk, medium reward.

Under 1 million he would be a really good signing.

Here are my choices for free agent:

1. Brendan Morrow - 2 million. Grit, leadership, and he can still score. I don't know if we could get him for 2 million but he would be an awesome addition.

2. Vinny Prospal - 2 million. He has put up good numbers under Torts in both Tampa and New York. He is getting old but despite his age he lead CBJ in points last season. He would be a good playmaking winger alongside Booth and Kesler.

3. Peter Mueller - 1.4 million. Good size and skill. Like Boyes he provides some versatility. He could be a solid 40-45 point player if healthy although his poor stats last season were a bit discouraging.

4. Guillaume Latendresse - 1.2 million. His career has been derailed by injuries but his numbers are still decent. Over the past 55 games he has scored 14 goals which is around a 20 goal pace. It is hard to ignore his 25 goals in 55 points on the Wild as a 22/23 year old (also the last time he was healthy - he's 26 now). At 230 lbs he is a monster, plus he throws his weight around. Could be an option with the twins, beside Schroeder, or even on the fourth line.

5. Chad Larose - 1.2 million. Larose has flown under the radar. He never put up big numbers, he is small, and last season he was awful. He has never really been a top 6 guy. However, in the 5 seasons leading up to last he scored at close to a 20 goal pace and his totals have been very consistent. His 11 points in 18 games during the Hurricanes last playoff run put him 2nd on the team after Staal. Despite his lack of size he plays a very gritty game and is usually amongst the team leaders in hits. Brings a lot of energy - would look great with Richardson.

6. Brad Boyes - 2 million. Bounced back last season, although his stats are likely inflated. Not a great skater but on a one-year deal he may add secondary scoring and some versatility if Schroeder/Santorelli were to both falter at centre. Not really sold on him.

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