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Best free Anti-Virus Software?


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Which is the best free AV software?

Avast, Avira, Commodo or AVG?

I use Avast and had no problems for 3 years until yesterday where it apparently let a virus or a Trojan into the system. I knew it was some type of Trojan since whenever my computer connected to the internet, the mouse would stop working and sometimes the computer froze, although it was fine when offline.

I am not sure about the latest Avast Free anti-virus software since it seems they have removed some features like firewall etc. which was in their previous editions. I still like to use Avast since it is light on resource but am getting concerned about its lack of firewall feature. Maybe I could run a firewall along with Avast AV but am not sure if it will compromise Avast detection system.

Do any of you guys use any other free AV aside from Microsoft Security Essentials?

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i have used many pay and free and honestly The crap that comes with windows 7 works just as good. and is also free.

add in Malwarebytes etc and things run smooth.

i got hit with the java exploit a while back and that was a pain in the A$$ to get rid of but google it and you will eventually get rid of it.

But my vote is for Microsoft Security Essentials if you are running a windows system. ( i will probably get some flack for this but it is simple, free and works)

if you are running Linux then something from AVG or any other free program will probably do just fine.

with linux i never ran virus software just a fire wall and never had any issues but things change every day.

edit ... out of all the free software they all eventually became so bloated with other crap that i got rid of them for using to many resources .

they all started out as a virus software then they add in firewall , malware/ad-ware encryption , data protection, identity protection, email spam protection etc etc .. stuff you probably already have or is included in your services and eventually the programs clash with other software and cause more problems then the viruses they are supposed to save you from.

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I did install Malwarbytes after an infection and it got rid of the trojan/malware easily in safe mode. I also scanned with TrendMicro House call and Avast AV just to make sure there wasn't anything else and they both couldn't find any infection. So right now am running Malwarebytes and Avast together at the same time and have both of them in their respective Exclusion list. I heard it wouldn't cause any conflict with Avast web shields and it is made so it can be compatible with other AV softwares. I guess it is sort of like a double protection with them not interfering with each other. They are both also light on resource so there is no problem with the computer slowing down.

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