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Mr Kevin Bieksa - Mr John Tortarella


Bieksa - Torts  

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How will these two fare? I'm surprised this hasn't been more of a topic. Maybe it was no big deal and I missed it.

I'm still wondering how this relationship of accountability will go? Was it not Bieksa who stated he didn't need accountability? How will Bieksa's cocky attitude bode with Torts?

There was talk of Edler being moved. I've thought in the right circumstance Bieksa could be moved. I can also see Torts flipping out when Bieksa plays lazy and takes short cuts on the ice leading to penalties. Will Bieksa be able to take Torts? Bieksa is a leader in the room. If one of the leaders doesn't buy in then there is team division. To unify a room you get rid of the divider.

My bottom question is will Bieksa be a room divider?

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I for one think there will be a huge problem between the two, at least at the beginning of the season.

Bieksa makes way too many mistakes and was always given a free pass by AV. Now that Torts will be in charge, he might be surprised when he is held accountable for all his mistakes.

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I think Bieksa's a team guy and I really don't see him as the type to try to stir up crap, especially not just because he has a personal dislike of someone.

Plus, despite his reputation for not playing nice with the press, everything I've heard other players say about Torts has been pretty positive. (I wasn't among the Torts supporters before he was hired, but hearing what players, rather than reporters, say about him has changed my mind.) Apparently he lets them know exactly what he expects and then has consequences for players who don't live up to expectations. That way everyone knows where they stand and what's expected of them. I think all of our guys actually need that and will not only respect it, but will respond really well to it. And that includes Bieksa.

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This all started because Bieksa made one statement about his opinion that the team doesn't require a coach that'll take control of the locker room. That does not equal anything to do with conflict, and nor does it suggest that Bieksa won't like playing for Torts.

There have been a few threads that are suggesting that statement does equal an issue, when there isn't really evidence to support that:

/topic/346788-how-will-the-hiring-of-john-tortorella-affect-kevin-bieksa/page__hl__bieksa">How will the hiring of John Tortorella affect Kevin Bieksa?

/topic/349411-bieksa-interviewed/page__hl__bieksa">Bieksa interviewed

From the second thread mentioned:


Bieksa can't wait for the new season to get underway, and is interested to see how things will be under new head coach John Tortorella.

"I'm looking forward to it," he said. "(Tortorella's) a proven winner; he's won a Stanley Cup before, he's very intense. I think he'll be good for our team and we're really excited to have a clean slate and to start the season."


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