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How many people on CDC do you genuinely like?


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there are several people that i enjoy conversing with.....i went to two canuck games with debluvscanucks....great lady...we met the minister there.....widen came from smithers and i know his father well...i like people who love the canucks and don't spend their waking hours tearing down the players and management...positive criticism creates conversation....all others, show disrespect towards the team that is trying to win for us.....

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The only people I would clash with are people who associate their happiness to the game and people who are kind of uptight/proper.

I will always like BananaMash.

I will always like Twilight Sparkle. I would always feel the urge to stand awkwardly close to him. If there was a full open couch I would sit shoulder to shoulder with him. If he was in line I would be breathing down the back of his neck. He would hate me. But I would still like him.

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Honestly? Most.

A few off the top of my head:

-Allchemistry time





-mainstreet amigo

-alex burrows 14

-the poster who used to have a picture of sami salo frowning but replaced the photo and i've since forgot who he/she is

-naslund is king is working his/her way up too

That's it for now. If you don't see your name there I'm sure you're humble enough to know that I was thinking of you...

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