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Canucks Games to Air on National Television [List]


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Looking at this list, I think it's damn clear when the Pavel Bure night will be. The person in the other thread appeared to be correct.

Check out the CBC HNIC list... only two games aren't Saturday games, and one of them is the heritage classic. The other? Friday, December 13 against Edmonton. So, if we put two and two together, it's clear when Pavel Bure night will be.

Also... Markus Naslund and Trevor Linden nights were BOTH in December.

So, grab tickets for Edmonton's game on Dec 13th now! The announcement comes soon I bet.

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Oh, also to add fuel to the fire....

1) The Dec 13 game is the only Friday night game to start at 6:00pm. An extra hour for festivities perhaps?

2) It is the only Friday night game to be designated a "PREMIUM" game...

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You're out in left field. It's not "snubbing" Canucks fans to maximize your revenue. That's just smart business. The Leafs are the biggest draw in the country coast to coast. BC residents are not the only tax payers nor are we the largest contributors. That would be Ontario and Quebec. There are 3 eastern teams vying for the early spot and 4 western teams vying for the late time slot. How's your math? The population of all of BC is 4.6m (2012) while the population of the greater Toronto area alone is 6m (2011) and Ontario's population is 13.5m (2012). The highest population of any province. Whose fans do you think are contributing more tax dollars?

You appear to have this sense of self entitlement, like many others here, that you believe should override any modicum of common sense. Subsidized or not, CBC is still a business and as such should be doing their level best to maximize revenue in order to keep that subsidy down. Which means televising games that will draw the most viewers.

I'll never understand the whining about TO getting more games when their games aren't even in the time slot we typically occupy. It really seems an irrational inferiority complex. It's not snubbing or some grand conspiracy, it's business and common sense. The only real comparison there should be is with Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg. We have more games on CBC than any of them it seems. So who exactly should be whining about

Btw, I glanced over both the Oilers and Flames message boards to see if they're whining at all about having fewer games than us on CBC (never mind the Leafs)...not a peep. If anybody should be crying about the Leafs games on CBC it's the Sens fans. Nothing on their board either. Is it any wonder we're the Canadian fans that have the rep as a bunch of whiners? The rep has been earned here where everything is a bias or a conspiracy and common sense is left at the door.

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