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Single Game Tix - STH Presale

Howard Wolowitz

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doubt there will be much left for tmr especially the good games like toronto... most season tix got their seats and most traded in other games for the good team tickets (toronto, boston and pitts).. then another presale today... doubt there will be much pairs tmr.. probably in the club seats area where tickets will be $300 a piece

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there was absolutely no tickets left for the bure retirement game today, and i refreshed the page at 12PM sharp.....pretty pathetic actually...and now those same tickets are being resold DOUBLE the price on certain socalled "discount" ticket websites

edit: not to mention all these STH popping up on craiglist selling all their tickets....why do these ppl do that?? like why are you hogging up STH spots when you're not even attending the majority of these games??? <_<:angry:

anyways.. rant over

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