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Thomas Vanek: ‘I didn’t ask to be traded’

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Would 8 mill be enough to get him in free agency, do you think? We might have that next summer. Projections have the cap going up by 3 or 4 million and we have 2.5 million in space now. Move/buyout Booth and we'd have 10 million or so... (I say Booth here because he's a big contract ad surplus to requirements if we get Vanek)

If we were to get him this year, Buffalo would have to eat his salary and/or take Booth. That'll drive up his price. Booth + Jensen + 1st for Vanek (at 65% of his salary)? Maybe a bit too much unless we're seriously going (and Booth and Jensen aren't producing).

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One of Booth or Kesler will likely be on LTIR so their cap hit will come off the cap

I know all get flamed but I’d consider




1st conditional first-round draft pick




In the offseason sign Vanek and the twins 4 years 6.5 mil

Miller 3 years 5.5 cap hit

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He's going to Minnesota when he's a free agent anyways. We're doomed. Too many connections, and it started with Pominville going to the Wild. Vanek used to be a Gopher so he has history there. Good timing too, as Heatley's contract is over at the same time. They'll use Heaters money and sign Vanek and Pominville.

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1) Why would Luongo want to go to a rebuilding team in Buffalo since he's comitted to Vancouver and wants to win here?

2) What makes you so sure that Lu would get traded at the deadline if we couldn't trade him for a span of 14 months?

Luongo is better off here and Miller is better off either in Buffalo or somewhere else.

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I didn't ask to be traded... you know I am going to be traded, I know I am going to be traded, but I didn't ask to be traded.

I would like to resign... if by God's greatest miracle this team doesn't suck and they offer me 8+ million per year for 8 years

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