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What Happened To The Butchers Son?


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What happened to Garth Butchers son?

I thought he was going to be a stalwart canuck like his Dad?

Is he even still in the Canucks organization?

Why did he end up being such a plumber?

Or is he still young and has a chance?

Is this going to be the same story with Andrew Cassels son?

What about Ronnings son? I think this kid has a fighting chance. I hope the Canucks draft him.

In recollection also I would also say that Jiri Slegr was a greater Juri Bubla - and he never got busted for cocaine trafficking either.

Prab Rai? What is up with him? Just couldn't make it to the big leagues??

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Geoff Courtnall was awesome too. I remember many watching his top shelf goals and the insane Courtnall Ronning Linden line of old.. But it seems like Justin Courtnall also has no chance. It's no lime-light to live up to if you shouldnt even be putting your stick on the ice !!

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Russ was pretty good too especially with Bure short-handed.. guess the genes didn't pass on.. still wondering about the butchers son and when he is going to make the canucks.. he is a center i think and we could use a couple..

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