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Mainland Chinese boy urinates in Richmond Centre garbage can

The Situation

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This kind of undignified behaviour is common amongst Mainlanders in Hong Kong. I can't have a conversation with my cousin in Hong Kong without him telling me at least once how much the Mainlanders are mucking up the city.




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We’re not sure what to make of this. A mother appears to have asked her son to relieve himself into a garbage can while in public at Richmond Centre.

Last time we checked, there are plenty of washrooms inside Richmond’s largest shopping centre.

However, for this guardian, a short walk to one of the mall’s washrooms proved to be too much of a distance. For some reason, the boy had to urinate into a garbage can out in the open inside Richmond Centre. What happened to public etiquette?

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I think the only thing that really is a story here is the mother's lack of discretion in solving her child's problem, as there are obviously washrooms nearby. But, just like that story from awhile back about the US police officer that ticketed a 3yo for peeing on a front lawn, we don't want to be a society that makes a mountain out of a molehill.

Men pee all over this city and the only, albeit substantial, difference is that this was indoors with a lack of discretion.

For my own part, for 9 months of the year I have a hard time feeling guilty about relieving myself in a bush in one of the wettest cities in the world.

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She was in a mall and probably could have found a toilet. However, lack of facilities is a huge problem in this city. Most restaurants won't let people use their washrooms as they are worried about people doing drugs in them. I see guys pissing downtown all the time. There aren't many options in this city.

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When I was 4 my mom and I were out walking in Horseshoe Bay and I told her I had to go to the bathroom. She wanted to go into the convienience store and did not want to go all the way to a restaurant so she just told me to go outside and she went into the store.

So I yanked it out and wizzed right there outside the store. A river was running down the sidewalk and I still remember people walking over the line trying not to step in it ........lol................ :frantic:

edit ;

My mom came out and started laughing hysterically.

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