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Best Film Scores/Soundtracks


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Best Film Scores and Soundtracks:

The Lord of the Rings Score (Howard Shore):


Simply epic. The score really captured the film's feel and was just so great.

Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, Jaws, Jurassic Park (John Williams):


What hasn't this guy done? All of these movies have such memorable scores.

Spider-Man (2002), Batman (1989) (Danny Elfman):


Some of my favourite superhero films. The score was so fitting with them.

Some of yours?

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The original version of Dracula had no score, so a few years back Philip Glass released a score for it, and I think it's amazing.

I've never even seen the movie with the Glass score over it, but I've listened to the music itself many many many times. Has a super eerie mood to it.

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I was thinking about starting a thread like this a few days ago. Good idea.

Soundtracks and the right music aren't necessarily essential for every movie, but you can tell when some movies benefit greatly from having the right music to accompany it.

1. Lord of the Rings

2. Virtually every Danny Boyle film, especially Trainspotting.

3. Hanna

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I was always partial to the soundtrack for Heavy Metal. One of the few soundtracks that I actually bought the record for. (Yes, record. It was a long time ago :) )

It included tracks by Journey, Sammy Hagar, Nazareth, Devo, BOC, Black Sabbath and Cheap Trick. (Cheap Trick's "Reach Out" is one of my all-time favorite tunes)

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Guest Gumballthechewy

I'm at work and don't feel like searching YouTube videos on my phone, but the film Ravenous has a great soundtrack, not what some might call the best but I love it.

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