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How young is too young to start drinking coffee?


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Anyone still maturing & developing...shouldn't be drinking coffee. Protecting brain development & not stunting growth - should be considerations.

I cringe when I see kids under 16 - drinking the stuff....and I grew-up in a society where drinking coffee triple strong....was used as a drug to help folks function in the mornings & in freezing cold dark weather. Moca is also one of the most popular flavors in Scandinavia.

I still stand by my recommendation. Never....would be best. The stuff's as addictive as cigarettes.

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That's definitely too young. LOL (She's so cute, btw!)

Funny you say that about Filipinos 'cause I've never heard of that. I have a younger cousin who's half Filipino and he wanted to try coffee the moment he could talk (wasn't allowed to until he was older though). Also, one of my best friends is Filipino and coffee makes him kinda shaky, but he drinks it anyway.

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common Filipino breakfast:

sweet red cured pork sausages (Longanisa)

Garlic fried Rice

fried Eggs

Coffee (spooned onto the rice and eggs)

small bread rolls (pan de sal) to dip in the coffee.

or any combination of these things.


sometimes a fried milkfish is substituted for the pork sausage, or just cured pork slices (Tocino - my preferred meat)

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I don't have it very often; it's nice to have once in awhile. I can see how you would get sick of it if you have it a lot though. If tocino is what I think it is, that's not bad either.

I haven't tried a lot of Filipino food, but I like what I've had so far.

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Am I?

See all my friends/co-workers. In the morning, need a coffee, after lunch need a coffee, oh what's that a lull in the day? Need a coffee break, 6pm rolls around want to stay up a bit later than 9pm? Slam back a coffee.

I only drink coffee when I'm slam jam tired, which is probably at most, 3-4 times a year for certain events.

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