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Gaunce chances at making Canucks


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Is anyone else like me and thinking that Gaunce is going to push for a top 9 spot out of camp?

With booth probably not starting the season due to injury, I see him either on kesler wing or 3rd center. I know everyone seems to think Jensen will get a spot but I think he needs more seasoning at the AHL first.

Gaunce has played wing last year very successfully. As a good 2way guy I could see him paired with kesler on the wing


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I think he has an alright chance of making the team this year. You have to think when management says they want to get younger that some of these rookies will make the team this year so should be interesting to see as Gaunce has a great chance, Horvat, Jensen, etc. Should be a fun camp

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Richardson is a lock and will be on the 4th line. I can't really see Lain on the 3rd line, he would be more suitable if he was on the 4th line but Richardson is there. That leaves us with Gaunce, Horvat and Schroeder battling for the 3rd line C spot. Honestly, the more players battling for the spot, the better. It will really push the young guns since there aren't many spots open. Jensen could be another player that might surprise people and play on the wing this year.

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90% chance to make the cut according to my sources.


...in all honesty though, he has a fair chance to suit up for at least the first 9 games or whatever it is especially with Booth not 100% and especially with Torts behind the bench...I can see Gaunce anchoring the 3rd line C spot and Schroeder either cantering Kesler or playing to his wing alongside Burrows.

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I really think Gaunce is going to be the third line center we've been looking for this year. I think our top nine will look something like this: (barring any trades/signings)

Sedin - Sedin - Kassian

Schroeder - Kesler - Burrows

Booth/Higgins - Gaunce - Hansen

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Geez..patience people.

Allow our 'Big Three' a shot at WJ gold. Test out the depth we signed over the summer(Santo, Ferro, Lain, Rich, et al...). The big ? marks are some of our key fwd's performances; adapting to Torts; Edler bouncing back; & Lu being in gold-form. Use the first 20~30 games to gauge these questions.

Lastly, if you bring in too many new faces, we'll ultimtely end up losing more good players to expansion drafts. It will be harder to protect every asset. Be like the Wings for at least ONE more season, & insert these kids gradually, surrounded by good, vet players.

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I don't think so, there are a lot of players he has to win the spot over, including 5 players with NHL experience and 3 more with AHL experience.

For the bottom two centre spots he is competing with:

Top competition




Weaker but legit competition








Plus possible training camp tryouts, there are several serviceable veteran centres still unsigned - Halpern, Brent, Smithson, Reasoner, Murray, Nichol, Hensick, Macdonald, Gillies, Wandel, Connolly

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