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[Report] KHL’s Moscow Dynamo interested in Alex Ovechkin

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General director Andrey Safronov thinks playing in Russia has become more desirable:

Ilya Kovalchuk’s decision to “retire” and sign with KHL St. Petersburg sent shockwaves through the NHL. We’ve seen players, some of them very talented, bolt to the KHL before, but is it possible that other Russian stars inked to long-term contracts could attempt to follow in his footsteps?

It sounds like that would be the case if Moscow Dynamo general director Andrey Safronov got his way.

“[Alex] Ovechkin has a current contract with the Capitals. Can we try to pull him out? We’ll talk, we’ll look at each other and will have some result,” Safronov said, according to Russian Machine Never Breaks and CSN Washington.

“Right now all Russian national team players want to come back to their homeland. KHL shows its force and credibility. And finances are important too. Taking taxes in account, playing in Russia has become way more attractive for players.”

When Kovalchuk left, it was suggested that finances played a role. Specifically, what he would have been taxed in the United States compared to Russia. The lockout also influenced his decision.

That being said, every situation is unique. Evgeni Malkin, Sergei Bobrovsky, and Pavel Datsyuk all chose to sign extension with their respective NHL teams over the summer rather than head home.

What Kovalchuk did makes Safronov’s comments more noteworthy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Alex Ovechkin is willing to seriously entertaining the possibility of attempting to terminate what’s left of his 13-year, $124 million contract with the Washington Capitals.

It’s also worth emphasizing that although the Devils chose not to fight against Kovalchuk’s decision, they had the option to.


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This tax free thing is about as shocking as some older players taking money rich contracts in nearly tax free Florida. No shock really.

Of course they'll ask. I think we can all agree we will see some Russian players not returning to the league after Sochi, probably no big names but definetly a few other notable fringe players

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You know what, I don't really have anything against Russian players going to the KHL even if they're under contract. That's part of the risk of drafting/acquiring Russians and if your team's GM doesn't see that risk and signs a guy to a 10+ year front loaded deal, he's the one to blame. There aren't many Teemu Selannes taking less playing professional sports these days. We're talking about millions of dollars here and if I'm the agent of a player like Kovalchuk, I'm laughing right now.

People say Kesler, Bieksa, the Sedins all took hometome discounts but we're talking maybe about a mil each per player. Does anyone know the difference in Kovalchuks pay in the NHL/KHL? I bet you it's a lot more than a million/year! Plus he gets to play in his home country, every kids dream...

Don't hate the player, hate the game! (And maybe the GM and capologist lol)

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