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Lets settle this: What is our Canucks starting lineups?


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Canucks have so much potential in winning the Cup and I believe we will prevail this year and win the Cup this year because THIS IS WHAT WE LIVE FOR!!!!!!!!

I think this will be our Canucks season opener starting lineup for our Canucks when we play the Sharks on the road:





Defenseman Pairings:







This is how much depth our Canucks have and I believe this is a Stanley Cup Calibre starting lineup!

What do you think?

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D. Sedin – H. Sedin – Burrows

Booth – Kesler – Kassian

Higgins – Schroeder – Hansen

Sestito – Richardson – Weise


Hamhuis – Bieksa

Edler – Garrison

Alberts – Tanev




Everybody will have their own opinion as to what rookies will make it and what our line combos will be, but as we stand right now, this is what I think would be the most probable and realistic starting lineup for us. I don’t think any of our young guys are ready to make the jump to the NHL yet. Corrado, Jensen, and Gaunce could all use at least one year in the AHL to play big minutes in all situations and transition to the pro game. As for the line combos, there is no reason to split the twins and Burr up. Booth should start on the second line and hopefully can have a productive year for us. On defence, Juice always plays better with Hammer so it would make sense to put them back together. Last year Garry proved he can play well on the right side so putting him with Eddie would be worth a try.

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we did a crap load of polls to discover what most people agreed, I remember what the offense lines looked like but not the defense

sedin sedin kassian

booth kesler burrows

higgins gaunce hansen

sestito richardson weise

I think it will be

sedin sedin burrows

higgins kesler kassian

booth schroeder hansen

sestito richardson weise

hamhuis bieksa

garrison tanev

edler corrado

- the defense would have even time 5 on 5, however hamhuis, garrison and elder would get more time by playing on the pk and pp

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I think ima go with something a bit different, will analyze it since you might be criticizing it.

Sedin - Sedin - Higgins. Higgins is one of our most grittiest player and he will fit perfectly with the Sedins, workhorse, digs the puck out of corners, good boardplay. Gives alot of depth to other lines.

Burrows - Kesler - Kassian Self explanatory. Has everything 2 two way players, offensive threat.

Schroeder - Gaunce - Hansen This is a line to watch if it happens, can be used as a shutdown line. Maybe switch Burrows and Schroeder, all decent two way players. With Hansen gaining weight it can be a underrated threat.

Booth - Richardson - Weise This is a really good 4th line it has a top 6, capable top 9 players on it. All physical players on this line, Booth is on the 4th line because of depth! Not because I believe Booth isn't good enough for top 9 minutes.


Hamhuis - Bieksa

Garrison - Tanev

Edler - Corrado


Equal amount of time on even strength.



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I not saying this is gonna happened but whatever burrows has had great success withe Sedins as well with kesler Higgins play similar to burrows so I propose

Sedins Higgins

Kass kes burrows

Booth Schroeder gaunce

Weise Richardson Hansen

Bieksa hamhuis

Edler tanev

Garrison Alberts



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