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Mafia: The Game [Omertà]

Captain Aerosex

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Who says I'm doing a master analysis? I just said I'd give my thoughts. And here they are:

-Lemons is probably TP, but people need to stop with the "Have the rolez been hadned out yet??/?" crap

-Speaking of crap, I need to go to the bathroom

-People need to stop ****ing "abstaining" all the time...it gets us nowhere and allows people to blend in when they're Mafia

-Susraiders' second vote was clearly a joke, so I'm not too suspicious of him. Although his first bandwagon vote was pretty bad.

-School starts tomorrow. It's my final semester.

-Holy crap, has BW ever been a regular TP? That track record of roles is ridiculous.

-Djokovic will easily take both his matches, but if Raonic beats Tipsarevic, our doubles team wins, and Pospisil can pull off another upset against Tipsarevic as well, Canada could actually beat Serbia in the Davis Cup. It's tough, but it's doable.

-I'm going to call my girlfriend and talk for an hour before posting more, I think. She won't really accept "but I'm playing mafiaaaaaa" as a valid excuse not to.

-I'm not too keen on Peaches either, at the moment.

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I'll bite. Vote Beluga Whale. I was going to say basically the exact same thing as OurTimeToShine in that I really disliked the way he "defended" himself. From my experience, the people who play that card are generally Mafia, while the ones who fight hard to survive and show genuine emotion are TPs.


Beluga Whale (7) - Kiwis, OurTimeToShine, BurrDaMan, susraiders, Apples, Peaches, Intoewsables

Peaches (3) - MikeyBoy44, Go Faulk Yourself, Beluga Whale

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Vote MikeyBoy44

I'm sticking with what I said before, whether or not I get lynched, I believe MikeyBoy is a Mafia.

How he tried to hop all the votes on me, why? Maybe he's a Mafia and knows i'm innocent therefore he'd benefit from getting me out.

Until he gives a valid reason, my vote will stay on him.

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