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CDC Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Discussion Thread - DRAFTING SATURDAY AT 1PM?


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No draft time is going to suit everybody. There's always going to be one or two who won't be happy. I can't really do much about that. It's pretty difficult to organise a time that suits everyone. You can always just turn up for the first few rounds of the draft and then set your picks to autopick afterwards if you're worried about time.

I've also decided to go for 2C, 2RW, 2LW, 2U, 4D, and 4 bench spots to cut down on draft time. That number of players should be enough for us and the draft won't be excessively long.

So (outwith Gooseberries) is Saturday at 1pm fine for the rest of you? I kind of need responses today so there's enough notice for people, otherwise we'll postpone it until next weekend (or Sunday, depending on how many people are available).

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