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Guest Gumballthechewy

What benefits would you like? I can be your wingman and expose you to more sorority girls than you can imagine but you'll have to rely on your own charms for a homerun. I'd like a skinny caramel macchiato please.

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I'm nervous as frack. These aren't even my goals but requirements this year:

- average over 80 in 4 third year microbiology courses, everything else I need close to 85

- volunteering weekly..

- join as an assistant in a lab

- NOT get fat

You're free to bring me coffee, a smile and your beautiful selves while I beast mode at Irving or Allard Hall.

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- B grade in Econometrics and Introduction to Macroeconomic theory

- Join a club and meet some people

- Hit the gym as much as possible

- Apply and get a job for my co-op term during the spring semester (something in government ideally, but really anything to get my foot in the door)

- Learn to actually study PROPERLY as I've been basically winging it since high school

- Maintain my sanity

All while working 20 hours a weekend part time....

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Many people do. I see a ton of med school hopefuls with 0 social skills literally waiting for the clock to tick down so they can go home and it bothers me as well.

I'm not going to lie, I did enter volunteering with a similar mindset back in high school (and I feel like a turd looking back) but now it's easily become one of the best parts of my week because it's so relaxing. It sounds super corny I bet but it's incredible how much the patients I visit appreciate mundane chats and coffee -- no one else visits them because of the ridiculous stigma against AIDS patients. I also destress at animal shelters cuddling with cats between study sessions (HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT)

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I jus took my oldest to her first day of Kindergarten orientation....

Think I am going to lose my frigging mind cause she's my little buddy.

On a plus note there's some seriously hot soccer moms these days. Thank you lulu lemon and yoga in general.

Is there a yoga appreciation thread?

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