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Your end of the World Survival Team.


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1. Bear Grylls

2. Selena Gomez

3. Kate upton

4. Amber Heard

5. A Doctor

6. Mila Kunis

7. Michelle Jenneke

8. Katy Perry

9. Sarah Silverman

10. A Chef

All I really need is Bear Grylls and I will be fine.

Also thought it was funny that that nobody saved a family member or a friend...

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If we are making CDC teams out of this I would like to throw it out there that aside from being a chef I also know how to build/fix things, am an expert camper and fisherman, know my way through a forest and know a lot about plants/wildlife. I am also an awesome drunk and will fight wild animals.

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Obviously I was joking, but really if you wanted to stand any chance of replicating the comfortable modern life people are used to then you'd need them eventually. You might be fine without the expertise initially but in the long run... I dunno. Geology isn't all dirt and rocks.

Anyway, continue.

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