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NHL.com ranks Daniel Sedin NHL's 2nd Best LW


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I'd say top 5, not necessarily top 2, hopefully he can prove this season what he can do in a full 82 game season.

Kunitz at 3? Lol no.

Drouin top 15?

Bit of a guess as he's never played a single game but who knows, he does have lethal skill which along with Stamkos AND St. Louis would be beyond scary for opposing defenceman.

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Daniel's been the best LW in the league for the last 2 years but he really hasn't been the same since the Keith elbow - well below a point per game since then and scoring at around a 20-goal pace if that.

That list is a joke - firstly, having a completely unproven Drouin ahead of proven NHL scorers like JVR, Patrick Sharp and Carter? I don't think they got one player correct.

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A fantasy hockey ranking. People overblowing things without even understanding the concept of the list.

Moulson plays with Tavares.

Kunitz plays with Crosby.

Drouin will likely play with MSL+Stammer

Baertschi will get all the chances in the world.

Hall is a former 1st overall pick who is budding into a superstar surrounded with talent like RNH, Eberle, Yak, Gagner, Perron.

Although some of the ranks are off (imo)

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