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Explain Like I'm 5: 3C - Richardson over Horvat/Gaunce/Schroeder


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We honestly won't know much until Camp and Ex games. There's 2 possible scenarios for a third line: 1/ a line that can chip in offensively (best choice) but if a team is lacking that ability then 2/ a primarily checking or shutdown line. You don't have the luxury in today's NHL to just swap the pieces with free agency, cap space constrictions, lack of trades available etc. So you have to wait it out in camp, see what you've got and formulate from there. If we lack a reliable scoring threat from our third line then Torts will lean more heavily on the 1/2 lines and load them up with the offensive talent. If our 7-8-9 depth forwards show that they have both scoring chemistry and flexibility up/down the line-up (which has been our formula for the past few seasons), then the workload can shift a bit downward and the offensive talent can be spread over 3 lines making it tougher to play against us. If there's only a few pieces leaning towards the latter, and no one to fill the 3C to match up with that game plan, then you go find a more talented 3C or hope Gaunce, Horvat or Schroeder can fill it (or even Richardson or Santorelli for that matter). Personally I'd rather see Gaunce and Horvat get top line minutes at the lower level rather than limited minutes in a 3rd line role in the NHL. Too many young players have been ruined because their role and their ice-time get limited (Hodgson?)...I think we need to sign a 3C...PETER MUELLER anyone?

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