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Lack vs. Eriksson?


Lack VS. Eriksson  

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Although I'm really impressed by Eriksson....I believe that the contract situations of both players - will see Lack placed as the 'Nucks back-up goalie in October. Lack is still in recovery-mode....& I can see him riding the pine to allow him even more time for that. Eriksson will get the lion's share of minutes with the Comets of the AHL...& then be better prepared to possibly claim a spot with the big club - next season...or in the 2nd half of this one - if Lack fails to impress anyone with the limited opportunities he'll be given.

Next season - it will be a more legitimate battle for the Canucks' starting & back-up goalie positions...especially if Lu leaves us. Let's watch both Swedish 'tenders carefully, to see if one or the other .... or maybe even both..can play this NHL-game with the fire of... true vikings!

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Last three years of Erikssons stats

10-11 .906 SV% 2.56 GAA 17 GP

11-12 .932 SV% 1.82 GAA 33 GP

12-13 .931 SV% 1.67 GAA 30 GP

Totals .923 SV% 2.01 GAA 70 GP

Lacks stats over the last 3 years (He was injured most of last season)

10-11 .926 SV% 2.26 GAA 53GP

11-12 .925 SV% 2.31 GAA 46GP

12-13 .889 SV% 3.00 GAA 13GP

Totals .916 SV% 2.55 GAA 112GP

Even if you take out their years that they played under 20 games... Eriksson has a steep statistical advantage over Lack...

Eriksson stats... especially in the last years are amazing.. .932 SV% 1.75GAA over a span of 63 GP... Lu and Lack have their work cut out for them both.

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I believe Lack will be the backup. Only problem is is that he needs to play some games after that layoff because of injury.

Erik looks like he is going to be a good goalie for us, a year in the AHL and this conversation will be really different.

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