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(Article)Canucks’ top prospect Hunter Shinkaruk aims to make hometown Flames pay for passing on him twice in NHL draft


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" Vancouver is well-positioned on left wing with veterans Daniel Sedin, David Booth and Chris Higgins. Even Alex Burrows can play the left side."

The Canucks are NOT well positioned on the left side with David Booth because he rarely shows up to work. He mostly gets paid 4 mil plus for hunting animals, and when he does show up he really doesn't do much either. I don't think Hunter should worry about 'the hunter' - take his job Hunter, Booth hasn't done what it takes to keep it.

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Meh, if I was drafted by a team other than Vancouver after growing up here, I'd be disappointed too. Everyone would!

That being said, everything I've seen of Shinkaruk thus far indicates he's EXCITED at the prospect of scoring and joining the NHL. This is not some guy who half asses it emotionally, this is a guy who loves what he does. His drive is the least of my concerns, if anything.

He did only OK against Calgary but he's been good in the other games. It's understandable, there's the history with Calgary there, it was one of his first games in the big leagues, etc. This kid if he translates his skill to the NHL (and yes, it's a year or two off for those of you jumping the gun...) will be a high end scorer for us. I can't wait.

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