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Pope Francis: "Your sexuality does not matter."

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Pope phones gay French Catholic to reassure him

Pope Francis tried to reassure a young gay French Catholic by calling him on the telephone and telling him “Your homosexuality. It doesn't matter”, according to reports on Friday.

Christophe Trutino a 25-year-old sales assistant from Toulouse in the south west of France had written to the Pope to explain his difficulties in reconciling his sexuality with his faith.

Last Thursday, he received a response, but perhaps not in the way he was expecting.

There was no photocopied standard letter of support written by one of the Pontiff’s assistants but instead a phone call from the head of the Catholic Church himself.

Trutino picked up the call at around 2pm on Thursday, he told local newspaper La Dépêche du Midi.

"It was he who started the conversation," Trutino said. " He said 'Christopher? It's Pope Francis'. I was unsettled, of course. I asked, " Really? " He replied : "Yes."

"I know it's hard to believe, but it really happened like that. From that momenton , I no longer doubted," said the ypoung Frenchman.

“I received the letter that you sent me. You need to remain courageous and continue to believe and pray and stay good,” the Pope told him during the nine-minute conversation in Spanish.

“Your homosexuality. It doesn’t matter. One way or another , we are all children of God. This is why we must continue to be good," the Pope told him.

Trutino said the phone call concluded with the Pope asking the young man to pray for him and that he would do the same in return.

“When I hung up the phone, I was completely filled with emotion," the student told Midi Libre.

"I was shaking. At the same time, the conversation was very relaxed. It was like a call from a friend, nice, very human.”

Earlier this year France’s divisive gay marriage bill was fiercely opposed by the country’s powerful Catholic Church, which helped organize mass protests that brought hundreds of thousands out onto the streets.

Anti-gay marriage protestors were blamed for the subsequent rise in homophobia. In one incident a gay couple were severely beaten in a Paris street by youths.

In his letter to the Pope Trutino told the Pontiff how he had suffered homophobic insults throughout his life.

"I am a practicing Catholic and gay. In July, I went through a period of doubt,” he said. “Since my childhood I suffered bullying and insults, both at school and in the street .

“The Pope seemed different, closer to the people. So I took a piece of paper, and I wrote thirty lines. I confided to him my doubts. I gave him my address and telephone, and I sent it to the official address of the Vatican,” he told La Dépêche du Midi.

Pope Francis had already expressed his tolerance towards homosexuality on a visit to Brazil earlier this year when he said “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?"

When contacted by La Depeche du Midi the director of the Vatican's press office said they could not comment on private matters and declined to confirm or deny that Pope had made the call.

This is however not the first time the Pope has picked up the phone to talk to his faithful. In August he called a woman who had been raped by an Argentinian policeman and had written to the Pontiff asking for help.

“You’re not alone,” he told her.

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The church has to evolve somehow to keep the unintelligent religious masses from completely becoming disillusioned.

Only a matter of decades ago (western) churches maintained the belief that women should simply be subservient to men and are not capable of making major decisions themselves. Obviously no church would survive in the mainstream the way this one has if it didn't cut corners and repeatedly re-interpret religious text in a contemporary fashion.

If anything this is a continuous affirmation that this is all made-up and religions are not of some divine nature pertaining to any deity or deities but a conjured up social construct aimed at controlling the way others think and act. One giant evolving lie that the populace would behoove itself to grow out of.

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It's refreshing to see a pope who's willing to move with the times.

If he could sort out the contraception issue that is contributing towards so many problems in the developing world that would be fantastic, but I'm not holding my breath just yet.

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