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im leaving tomorow foor australia


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Guest Gumballthechewy

Show dem Aussies how we drink here in Canada!

And don't pronounce is awe-see pronounce it like Ozzy, seriously.

And I hate to be a bother but could you bring me back a sexy Aussie girl? Pretty please!

Oh yeah, forgot to ask but what are you going for? Business or pleasure?

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@mikey; who are you?

@deb; thanks deb! :) yea not looking forward to the flights, really hopin these drugs I got will help with that. And of course, canucks will always be #1!

@hodor; its a trap! Thxbb

@chiklets; you are the 3rd person to ask for an animal to be brought back, so ill try my best but you may have to share :(

@smithers; I don't know if I'm uneducated or out of touch, but whos that? :(

@gum; ill show em how to drink canadian! Which mainly is drinking a few beers and being pretty chill and saying eh a bit. Also, you are now the 4th person to ask me to bring back an animal from ozzy ;P and going for pleasure mang, gotta see some of the world before I'm settled down somewhere :)

@:D; Al Be BaK

@ruskie; some internet, but not for cdc. For booking hostels and vehicles and skype (and nhl standings)

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