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(Article)Botchford:Canucks prospects: Switch to wing revs up Brendan Gaunce


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Gaunce was getting trolled all game long after the whistle. I think he made a pre game decision not to get an injury by getting sucked into a scrum or a fight by an Edmonton team that had played over the edge all tourney long. Botchford should perhaps look at the bigger picture, yeesh, main camp is days away.

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IMO it will be and SHOULD BE hard for any teenager to make the Canucks team. That is kind of the bottom line here, no matter which prospect we are talking about. It isn't a knock on a kid to tell him he isn't a full grown man yet. It is called truth. If one happens to earn a spot WOW, but that should be the exception, not the rule.

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1)Sedin Sedin Burr 19 minutes

2)Booth Kes Higgins 18 minutes

3a)Jensen Schroeder Kassian 12 minutes

3b)Wiese Richardson Hansen 11 minutes

Higgins and Hansen switch off depending on which one has decided to turn invisible. Which we KNOW is going to happen again and again.

Let the kids roam on the 3rd line and try to develop something.

One other thing we know. Teams that can 'roll' lines are effective.

This season is going to be a grind, especially with the new alignment. The Nucks have to start developing guys to take more minutes. First 10-15 games might not be ideal, but there is always the "come on Louie!" aspect and a solid defensive/structured game. With a few more shots being blocked thanks to Torts.

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