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Your favorite Graphic Novels


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List / discuss your favorite graphic novels of all time.

Big reader and collector of graphic novels here. I prefer mature indie graphic novels, not too into the superhero crap, but all graphic novels are welcome in this thread.

Here's 3 of my favorites, more to come.

Hicksville - Dylan Horrocks.

A real groundbreaker in the field. Funny, well drawn, and immensely thoughtful. Deals with relationships and the growth of an artist, with many bizarre tangents.


Wimbledon Green - Seth

Canadian artist Seth has done a lot of great graphic novels. This isnt his best drawn, but its my favorite. If you love comic books youll love the story of mr. wimbledon green, comic collector and bidder superb, and the controversy around him.


Craig Thompson - Blankets

Thompson really made a name for himself here. A story about a first relationship and first love told with great care and innocence, and coming to terms with the religion you were brought up with.


Zanta - Jason Kieffer

If you lived in toronto between 2002 - 2007 you probably came across Zanta - a street personality who brightened peoples days with his year round santa hat, shirtless, doing push ups, making jokes, and never once asking for money. Unjustly crucified by the toronto police in the end. Story about him.


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