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Not Michael Dunahee


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A DNA test on a Surrey man has concluded that he is not Michael Dunahee, the child who went missing from a Victoria playground 22 years ago.

Victoria police confirmed in July that they would be collecting a blood sample from the 26-year-old man after receiving a tip.

The man posted in a Vancouver Canucks forum that he was asked to give a DNA sample in relation to the Dunahee investigation, the most high-profile missing persons investigation in Victoria police history.

The man, whose name was not released, posted a picture of himself, which bears some similarity to an age-enhanced photo of what Dunahee would look like as an adult.

“I just want them to take my DNA and figure this out,” the post said. “Think about this for a second, you second-guess everything in a short period of time.”

The man wrote about a complicated family background. “I remember being at elementary school in Grade 1, but not much before.”

Crystal Dunahee, Michael's mother, said in an interview with the Times Colonist at the time that DNA tests have been done on look-alikes before, but she is not usually given advance warning.

“I was forewarned about this one because of his posting. They wanted to give me a heads up about what was going on.”

Dunahee was four when he was abducted from a Victoria playground on March 24, 1991. The last 22 years have been a rollercoaster ride for the Dunahee family, who have never given up hope that their child might still be alive and living with a new identity.

Victoria police have received thousands of tips on the Dunahee file and detectives have the responsibility to look into the validity of the information.

“Officers have been in contact with both the Dunahee family and the man to notify them of the results,” Victoria police spokesman Const. Mike Russell said in a media release.

Russell said the department continues to investigate the file.

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Surrey man not Michael Dunahee, DNA test shows

Dunahee went missing in 1991 at 4 years of age from Victoria-area playground

CBC News

hi-bc-120325-michael-dunahee-8col.jpgMichael Dunahee was four years old when he disappeared from a Victoria playground in 1991. Last year, the family of the missing boy issued an age-enhanced composite picture, estimating what Dunahee would look like as a 26-year-old man. (michaeldunahee.ca)

DNA testing has determined a Surrey man is not Michael Dunahee, the Victoria Police Department says.

Const. Michael Russell says the test was conducted after the man was identified through a tip as possibly being Dunahee.

Police have been searching for Dunahee since March 24, 1991, when the then four-year-old boy disappeared from a playground at Blanshard Elementary School in Victoria while his parents and other adults were close by.

The disappearance — labelled an abduction the following day — sparked one of the largest child abduction investigations in Canadian history, involving nearly 100 police officers from the region and across B.C.'s Lower Mainland.

Last year, the family of the missing boy issued an age-enhanced composite picture estimating what Dunahee would look like as a 26-year-old man.

The unidentified Surrey man uploaded a recent picture of himself to a Vancouver Canucks online discussion forum to allow the users to compare it against the composite, and against older images of the missing boy.

The man went on to say that he is 26, around the same age Dunahee would be today, and explained that he remembers moving around a lot when he was young. He also said his father left the family when he was around 10, and his mother passed away earlier this year.

The forum topic thread has since been removed from the site out of concerns for the man's privacy

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Well, he wasn't Michael Dunahee after all. Actually, the critics were right. His story was full of holes.

I think the issue was a lot of CDC members thought he made up the story, and that he wasn't actually contacted by the police for a DNA test. Everything he said was the truth.

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I only encouraged him to tell the cops to F**K O**. And not let them run him through an emotional roller coaster for nothing. I mean the evidence was....a projection of what he might look like as an adult, based on a photo of a toddler.....that's right a frackin whim.....at best. I mean if he was MD, shouldn't they have been investigating his parents.

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