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Your most favorite to least favorite Canadians team


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vancouver -obvious choice

ottawa -classy club

Winnipeg -fans are greatful to have team

calgary -donates 12pts a year to canuck fund

Edmonton -3 first overalls zero playoffs since

Toronto -homer fans, clear media favorite

Montreal -ungreatful disrespectful fans who constantly fall back on "most stany cups" in every argument

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Vancouver - No brainer

Montreal - Got caught up in their 93 run

Ottawa - I like how they are low key but still a competative club

Winnipeg - Glad they're back, still don't like Big Buff...

Calgary - Rivals, but not really a threat

Toronto - Screw Toronto!

Edmonton - They've won enough. They don't need or deserve anymore. Also, their talent pool shows a potential that scares the bejeezuz out of me

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Winnipeg Jets - Live here and have/had season tickets for the old Jets and the new Jets.

Vancouver Canucks - No explanation

Montreal Canadiens - Patrick Roy was my favourite player as a kid. So fun to watch that team play.

Ottawa Senators - Fell in love with them during their run to the cup. Great team, terrifically coached.

Calgary Flames - Hate them, but not as much as I used to because they have been so poorly run since their run to the finals.

Edmonton Oilers - Have always disliked them. No reason I would start now.

Laffs - Do I need to say more?

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I have respect for all the Canadian teams, but there's one team that I think suffers from deplorable management.

Vancouver - Lots of warts, but they will always be the home team to me.

Winnipeg - Very well run small market team.

Edmonton - Great young talent, but also, loved Gretz and 'Cementhead', Kurri, Anderson, etc etc back in the 80's

Montreal - Tons of history, Patrick Roy was pure dominance in 1993. The only original team left.

Toronto - Always cheering 'against' them, but the Leafs are a Canadian institution

Ottawa - I liked Alfredsson and some of the great goalies they had (Tugger, Lalime, Hasek, Anderson)

Calgary - That team is a mess. Overrated since 2004, and guess what, haven't been relevant in 10 seasons. Their GM makes stupid FA signings, trades, and they screw up the draft every year (Thanks for Shinkaruk, guys) And now they have a GM and an "Executive" GM in Burke who can veto any of Feaster's decisions. Good luck, Flames fans, there will be ugly years ahead for you due to piss poor management. BTW, did I mention they took waaay too long to deal Jarome?

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One thing is for sure, looking at people's responses. If Winnipeg ever makes the finals, they'll have all of Canada cheering for them. Nobody seems to hate the Jets. And how could you? Winnipegers are friendly folks, they were victimized with their team for over a decade, and they're in the middle of this beautiful country.

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