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Your most favorite to least favorite Canadians team


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Vancouver (of course)

Winnipeg (they waited so long to get their team back, may they never lose it again)

Edmonton (I might be moving to Edmonton so I'll have to make sure this is high on the list)

Montreal (the atmosphere)

Ottawa (I don't really care about them)

Toronto (I feel a slight pity on them)

Calgary (I have a relative who's a diehard fan and apparently on the radio in Calgary talking about them, my conversations with him never go well, especially when he says Bouwmeester is better than the Sedins. Turned me off of the team entirely)

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Edmonton - really arrogant fans for a team that hasn't finished better than 12th since 2009 and has advanced past the first round of the playoffs once since 1998. Hang on to their 5 Stanley Cups like nobody's business and think their current team can become a similar dynasty. For some reason, I just don't like their team, either (especially Hall).

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1. Vancouver

2. Winnipeg

3. Montreal (mainly cause of Gallagher)

4. Ottawa

5. Toronto

6. Edmonton

7. Calgary

Hate Edmonton's fans a lot more than Calgary's, pretty close to Toronto for first. Calgary fans know their team sucks but Edmonton fans are so arrogant tbh that's probably what we're like to other fanbases though

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