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What is the One Thing You Want to See this Coming Season?

Angry Goose

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I would like to see kassian and Schroeder make somewhat of an impact. 15-20 goals from Kass would be nice and if Schroeder can produce as the third line centre I'd be stoked. Everyone is talking about the more recent picks but these are the young guys that could make a difference this year (possibly Jensen too).

Other than that just a solid, exciting season from everyone.

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Who else but Daniel next? Then Lu perhaps? Kesler? Bieksa? Hamhuis? Burrows? Edler? Higgins? Hansen? Hmmm..I'm thinkin' that they'd have to let those players who came oh-so close in 2011 - be the 1st group to hoist that SC treasure....followed by Garrison leading all of the newer add-ons after that. Well, at least that's my vision of the things!

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