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do you guys think this team is better then last years?


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be honest guys

i dont see many improvements other then the 4th line getting a decent manny type of player

someone tell me what improvements we have made?

lets not forget we were sweeped last year by the sharks

we could not score with our lives on the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also relying on david booth is not a improvement i have lost all hope in this guy

seriously someone tell me what improvements this team made ...........

if you say john im going to say thats a coin flip.........

i dont see many other then 2 years from now maybe the prospects can turn out the way we want?


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Yes. We have a legitimate starter who has dominated the league for a decade.

Jokes aside... no probably we are worse. Lost lappy and added nothing but junk imo.

Unless one of our rookies steps up and does something special then we won't be as good as last year. Gotta count on the young guys like corrado tanev and hopefully contributions from Jensen or horvat or gaunce...

That or the saga wins 82 games and scores a .980 sp

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To me, this year is not about being better than the last. This year is about development so that we become better than what we have been.

Yes, there's a coaching change and that could create a spark, but I'm not going to expect a miracle this year because I don't think that's what this year's all about. Imagine our current lineup infused with youth that's helping the team. THAT'S what I want to see.

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Last year:









This year: (IMO)









Which team is better?

1st line is probably about equal... Kassian and the Sedins looked amazing last year and will be even better this year

2nd line depends on Jensen. If he gets over 35 pts, then I would say this year's is better, if he doesn't, I would rather have last year's

3rd line is better defensively but worse offensively. Depends on how good Horvat is too.

4th line is deeper. This year's is better.

1st pair of our defence is probably equal.

2nd pair will depend on how Edler performs this year.

3rd pair is better this year, since both Tanev and Corrado have improved and Ballard played pretty bad here.

As for goaltending, Schneider is better than Luongo by a little bit, so I have to give the edge to last year.

Overall, I think we will perform very well this year if Tortorella can get Jensen and Horvat going. If none of our prospects can play and Luongo ends up being an average goalie, we will probably end up as a wildcard team.

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