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do you guys think this team is better then last years?


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Or simply sick of all the bellyflopping. Luongo's style is such that when he's on, he's excellent. When he's not, he's absolutely terrible. There's no in between with Luongo. I'm much more comfortable with a goalie whose style enables him to be more consistent.

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be honest guys

i dont see many improvements other then the 4th line getting a decent manny type of player

someone tell me what improvements we have made?

lets not forget we were sweeped last year by the sharks

we could not score with our lives on the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also relying on david booth is not a improvement i have lost all hope in this guy

seriously someone tell me what improvements this team made ...........

if you say john im going to say thats a coin flip.........

i dont see many other then 2 years from now maybe the prospects can turn out the way we want?


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With the reduction of the salary cap, it made it extremely challenging to improve the team via external additions for every team. It's why many solid UFA's have not yet been signed.

But with the Canucks coaching change comes a major change in philosophy as well such as Torts mentioning the team needing to play with "more bite". This, in my opinion is right away better since the idea is to become more difficult to play against

On Defense we are just as good as last year, if not better.

On Offense, the wildcard is going to be our young players, including Kassian. If the young players who make the team can shine then for sure we should be better and even very dangerous.

And as a bonus, who knows, maybe some crazy, miraculous reemergence of Santorelli or Hamill!

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Player wise I'd say we're worse this season at this point. It's really going to come down to how the young guys play.

Healthy Kesler, new coaching staff, no goalie drama will be a big help though

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I think this team is at least as good. I m most interested to see how they react to a more defensive minded game under Torts. He is a passionate coach and won t let any player slip up without saying something. I believe he will give them the heart to win and heart is something this team sorely needs. Players like Bieksa, Hamhuis, Kesler and Kassian will thrive under him and respond with a more rounded game and more determination. He will provide a great leader for our up and coming youth, giving them ample opportunity to show what they have.

At first I was very scepticle of him being hired, but after listening to his interviews, i like his passion and desire to see his team succeed. It s gonna be a refreshing change from the AV era.

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Little too early to tell. Have to see whether or not Gaunce, Horvat, or Shinkarek make the lineup and can make a difference. Also, Kassian has to take a huge step forward in his development as well. Lastly, when Booth is healthy, he absolutely has to produce at a 40-50 point pace. Then yes, I believe the Canucks are marginally better.

The real question is, did other teams regress as well due to the salary cap? It's going to be tough this year. Minnesota got better, Los Angeles got a little better, Chicago is still a powerhouse, and San Jose still looks relatively competitive. Also, do teams like Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Dallas manage to overcome their question marks in goal and/or defense to make a serious push at the playoffs?

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We have less overall depth this year, but that reduction in debt also equals a reduction in drama that I think was clouding the dressing room last year.

I think Lappy was a little too Yappy again on the ice and was hurting the team too often with dumb penalties

Goal tending controversy is gone

Ballard isn't a 4 Million a year lump sitting in the press box (couldn't have been happy)

Kessler has had a full summer to heal and train

I personally think a big part of this teams problem last year was just plain focus. If we can get a full year of drama free dressing room, this team should perform better overall.

The core talent is still there!

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