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2013/2014 CDC Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey [DRAFT SEPT 29 8PM PST]


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^Still waiting for other people's input. IMO Saturday morning/early afternoon would work well since some have plans Saturday night/afternoon.

There are 9 people who still need to sign up on the site as well.

The latest time for Saturday is 8:45 PM MST.

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I'll set the tentative draft time for Saturday at 8:45 PM MST (7:45 PST). That's the latest slot Yahoo has for that day.

A Sunday night might be a good time for the draft as well.

Still waiting for 9 people to set their teams up.

Can't do Sunday night. Sunday night I'm free to draft from 1 pm to 6 pm and anytime after 9. Hopefully everyone joins and we can do Saturday at 7:45 is perfect tbh..

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