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Should Regina be consinder as a expansion team


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With the possibly of the nhl expanding to 32 teams I was wondering what are the odds of Regina getting a team although the most propular guesses are Seattle and Quebec City. Regina people are very passionate IE rough riders best fan based in the cfl hands down and many people would cheer for a local nhl team


Having another western canada team

Could make a good rivery with the jets


Small market

No big hockey arena

Just an idea to add another Canadian team

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No. You need to think about population density and corporate sponsors. Victoria would be a more appropriate location or even the Maritime provinces simply based on geography.

I am not saying Saskatchewan doesn't deserve one but they'd run into the same problems that saw the Jets and Nordiques fold in the 90's

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I live in Saskatoon and it's definitely more likely a destination than Regina.

But in terms of Canadian markets, Saskatoon is, I think, too small.

Having said that, if tickets were $7 a game we'd sell out every night. Too bad they wouldn't be... Heck, Blades tix cost like 15-20 bucks.

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I'm not sure there is a big enough population in the area for Saskatoon or Regina to have a successful NHL team. But they are very passionate for the Riders, as well as the Pats, so if they did the business numbers and decided it was possible, I'd be all for it. Would probably become my second favorite team as that is where my family originally was from (not me though).

Isn't that were they train all the cops?

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