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[Report] Spin-o-rama to remain legal in shootout

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Good news for Mason Raymond:

Back in June, it appeared the spin-o-rama was dead, so far as NHL shootouts were concerned. But apparently it will survive for years to come.

From NHL.com:

The NHL’s general managers were hoping to make the spin-o-rama in shootouts illegal for this season, but there was no support at the NHLPA level.

Mike Murphy, the NHL’s Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations, told NHL.com that he isn’t sure if the general managers will review the topic again in the near future.

“I would say it’s put to bed for a few years,” Murphy said.

For reference, here’s what NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan had to say about the shootout in June:

“I think when we looked at some of the spin-o-ramas, there was a lot of interference with goaltenders, there was a lot of questions as to whether the puck was still moving forward or the player was still moving forward.

“So, certainly it’s all about entertainment, but it’s also about the integrity of the goal. I think that, over time, that’s become more and more in question.

“In communicating with the NHLPA and the competition committee, they agreed, and the goaltenders, and the forwards, and the scorers—is it entertaining? Yes. Is it always agreed upon that these goals have the integrity of what should be a goal? Not necessarily.”


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Don't get how this is even a discussion. If you're going to end a hockey game in a skills competition, why would anyone want to limit the shooters in which skills they can use? Especially when it adds to the excitement for fans.

Of all of the problems the NHL needs to be focused on (uneven reffing, inconsistent discipline, head shots, etc.) the spin-o-rama move shouldn't even be in the top 100. The fact that some GMs are so upset about something so silly just proves that their priorities are way off.

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