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Mafia: The Game [Attraverso L'occhio]


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Did GFY say he didn't? I assumed the Sheriff investigated GFY yesterday, found him to be TP, and contacted him. Sheriff results come in immediately again, not at the end of the round.

That's why I don't believe GFY is Mafia. There are no "invisible" Mafia roles this game - if an investigation comes up TP, the player is TP, so the Sheriff would have no qualms about contacting them. If GFY was Mafia, he'd be discovered pretty damn quickly.

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So just got back from work and I'd like to clear a few things up before going forward.

The Sheriff contacted me and said that he in fact did investigate me before the first nightfall had arrived, I am sorry for not making that clear earlier.

Mikeyboy does have a valid reason to be suspicious of me, especially when I have the Vigilante (Confirmed) and the Sheriff by my side and the possibility that I am still indeed Mafia as neither of them can vouch for me obviously. It's fair for him to have this mindset, and hell, if I was in his position, I would too believe it or not. It's a risky play and it's only because the Vigilante was so trusting of me early on why this is working as well as it is.

Now, moving forward. Since no other person has come up as a Sheriff to me, I am now going to align the Sheriff with the Vigilante in the PM. This is easily the riskiest play I'm going to do before I die, and could easily backfire, but it's a risk I'm willing to take, in hoping for the better of the TP.

If the person who contacted me is not the real Sheriff, then quite honestly the real Sheriff is to blame for not taking action sooner and making contact with me. If Kryten is not Mafia, then this whole plan has backfired, and I just cost us the Vigilante, possibly the game and probably my life in the coming RD's as the Mafia would keep me alive and let me get lynched by the TP, which would be the best course of action for them if this indeed a ploy and I'm being played.

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