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[Poll] How many goals will Kesler score this season 2013-14 (Just for fun)



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He will score 1 goal in his first shift, turn around and try to embrace an ecstatic Booth, both will fall to the ground where Booth will separate his shoulder and break a nail ending up on LTIR for 4 months as it will be a vicious break; whereas Kesler will mess up his hair stub a toe poop himself and fall into a fetal position ending up on LTIR for the remainder of the season trying to wash the stains out of his shorts as opposed to simply getting more from his very own clothing line.

This is how it shall be.

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I suspect that the answer to this question will depend on Kesler's line mates and how the coaches require the 2nd line to play. If the 3rd and/or 4th lines look like they could cover more of the defensive duties, then Kesler should be freed up to score more.

If he is with Booth and Kassian I could see him scoring more goals than if he was with say, Booth and Jensen. I see more crashing and banging the net in the first case with Kesler being the main scorer on the line. With Jensen on the 2nd line perhaps there would be more use made of Jensen's shot (this should not be taken to mean that Kassian doesn't have a good shot, or that Jensen couldn't crash the net). Either way the 2nd line would be productive.

I suspect that the best chance Kesler has of achieving the 40+ goal mark is if Burrows is with him, and perhaps a more defensively aware winger with some offensive talent, like Higgins and/or Hansen.



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