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[PGT] Canucks vs Edmonton - October 18th

Edler's Mind Tricks

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It is only one pre season game guys and gals. Luongo didn't play a whole lot last year, is adjusting to smaller pads and being professional about the present situation. As long as he works on his game and is ready for the opener that is good enough for me. I was upset that Schneider was traded but I am also happy that we solved the #1 goalie situation. I also am happy with picking Horvat so am optomistic.

I think the delemma that faces MG and company, is when to start the rebuild.

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The problem is that, at this point he probably doesn't have a whole lot to gain or learn from another year in the 'O'. This much is pretty evident. He is going to be a very tough decision. He hasn't played outstanding or anything but he hasn't played bad either. One good thing is that his game in the NHL pre-season has much improved over the prospects tournament in my opinion. He's also scored two goals in two games...the type of goals that coaches love to see.

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It's kind of not an accident the team started playing better as soon as mullen and whoever got hurt. Those 2 plus Bieksa all dressed on D was just asking for a beating, they were all just useless. Don't understand why these guys like Mullen and the other guy no one has ever heard of are getting pre-season games. We don't have time to waste in the pre-season evaluating fringe AHL'ers, there's serious holes that need to be filled, new coaches, new systems...irritating.

Shinkaruk continues to bring energy, which is nice. I'm not sure it's enough to waste a year on this sinking ship though. Horvat is a ghost, Jensen breaks my heart, Gaunce does the little things but is a turtle. Kassian still has no idea what the sedin's are doing.

G52 is looking good though.

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Sedin Sedin Kassian

Booth Kesler Burrows

Higgins Richardson Hansen

Sestito Gaunce Weise

No Schroeder because his size is gonna make him useless against teams like SJ and La in playoffs.

2014 team:

Sedin Sedin Kesler

Shinkuruk Horvat Kassian

Higgins Gaunce Hansen

Burrows Richardson Jensen

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Luongo doesn't want to be here, his heart is not with the team anymore, you could tell by his body language after those goals went in that he just didn't care. Now before you Luongo fans start saying "Its pre-season", I started noticing this at the start of last season when CS was given the starting job. This is a guy who publicly said he wanted a change and had to have the management and coach talk him to report to the team. That being said, I like what I've seen from Lack and Eriksson, I think they are the tandem going forward with the team.

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