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new goal song(no black keys)


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If, by some miracle, they changed the song because of this thread, someone else will start a thread saying how much the new one sucks with their suggestion tacked on. The cycle of redundancy will continue.

People have different prefrences in music and there is no way to please everybody. This debate is getting painfully old.

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The Black Keys are awesome, but from watching games at Rogers Arena, "Gold on the Ceiling" by no means fires me up at all. Great song, but utilizing it as a goal song is just wrong. The sounds that shoot nostalgia through the veins of the players has a very strong effect on their energy for the game. It's human nature. Look no further than the Hawks who are lights out at home. I hate the Hawks with a passion but every time I hear Chelsea Dagger I get very nostalgic, unlike that crap "bang bang bang vanamoose sh*t", and now the exact same thing with our current goal song. It's like having erectile dysfunction.

I think DJ Dave is a zombie.

*other team scores with 3 minutes remaining to take the lead* *MAKE SOME NOISE!!!* (if you all know what cheesy sound byte it is I'm taking about...) horse#%!^...

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