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[PGT] Comets 2-5 Oilers


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A tired Canucks team missing half their players, against an Oiler's team with pretty much their full team.

Please...Someone make a big deal about this

Edit: Besides the last 4 minuets or so, I thought we played really well. Santorelli and Weber really impressive

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Its an embarrassing feeling losing back to back games to the Oilers like we have.

Even in the preseason.

I still hate it. Can't wait till the season starts so we can hopefully destroy them.

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I thought Lack was pretty good, he didn't see a ton of rubber but many of those shots were on high percentage plays. I think the injuries during the game handcuffed the Canucks somewhat.

Still preseason, but they took too many stupid penalties.

Alberts was decent as well, considering his position on the depth chart.

I posted this in another thread, but that Hunt guy #59 for Edmonton was really solid. He was making some nice passes and has a decent shot. I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the blueline the next time the Canucks play Edmonton.

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