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Mafia: The Game [The Exchange]

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My next suspect is Peaches or King Heffy.

Peaches because he's all about the fake pms when he's mafia. If anyone has seen his pms recently where he's been talking with someone else about how he or "they" are not mafia chances are he's mafia along with the guy he's talking to.

King Heffy because the way his post took the heat off of Aladeen and sent a spinning sheep vote for all the heard to join.

My bets on King Heffy this time around.

vote King Heffy

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I'm not mafia. It's a smaller game, so risking a 2nd mafia member as part of a TP alliance would be extremely risky. The smartest thing he could do was confirm someone who was actually a TP, and also a possible vig target in order to lend credibility to his story.

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