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Mafia: The Game [The Exchange]

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Damn, really? I should have done that, then. Mikey said he was going to drop my name in the thread, so I figured I might as well admit it myself.

Wilfred, who were you going to investigate the round you died? I was toying with switching my kill to Kesler to cover my tracks, but I was convinced you were going to investigate me.

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I'd just like to say as Mafia I wanted Wilfred (very suspicious of him from the start) gone early but didn't workout.

I will now also procedurally tell the story of what almost happened, but didn't.

-day 1 mafia

-day 2 converted to cult.

-day 3 I was in mafia and the cult, there was a lot of heat on Kesler87, BJ was under suspicion and I had a vote in the mafia kill + knew their identities...I decided to try to take advantage of this and create an alliance that would control the game.

With this alliance we intended to convert everyone into cult as game went on (JE cult leader).

Anyways I managed to form it eventually. A rogue TP who wanted to survive (Kesler87), JE14, VIC & BJ (my mafia bros). Kryten came out accusing me as a Mafia. As the votes piled in, we had planned for a late minute swing vote to Peaches (we already controlled 5/11, and SOB had a vote on peaches). And since we already controlled the Mafia kill, after this round we would've controlled 5/8 votes or 4/8 if somehow someone in our group was killed.

Votes were Peaches 3, CL 7...if VIC, JE and Kes changed their votes from me to peaches, it would've ended up Peaches 6 CL 4 (or something). Sadly, VIC didn't read the PM in time and we didn't want to just tie as that would arouse major suspicion.

It would've been exciting to see the reaction of what could've been xD. This was my big move for the game, didn't work out but oh well heh. Fun first game for me!

It was hilarious watching VIC and Kes duke it out, the attempts at deceit absolutely entertaining lol

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