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Mafia: The Game [The Exchange]

Master 112

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Hey Guys I'm in for hosting if you guys will bear with me cause tonight I am super busy but can set it all up tomorrow.

Just some quick notes to think about, I would personally like to see a couple of roles added to the next round

1. Deputy - Like the lackey, the deputy is a role blocker but throws one person in jail each night. Player in jail can not act and everyone knows who is in jail. The Deputy can not throw the same person in jail two rounds in a row. Wins with TP

2. I wish to add the lackey - to balance out the deputy for the TP

3. Would like to add Godfather - this player is Mafia (can even be the lackey) - The Godfather wins alone NOT with the Mafia. No one knows who the Godfather is except the Godfather. This player gets a kill every second night, starting on the second night (rounds 2, 4, 6 etc) but can ONLY kill Mafia.

I like the idea of the Godfather (GF) cause then the mafia is now suspicious of each other not just the TP. However for this one I will put a poll up and see how everyone feels about it since Master Radishes was not a fan of this particular role.

I will probably leave everything else the same, with the cult leader.

Of course if anyone else would really love to host, I don't mind since I am not sure how well I will do at it, but promise to give it my best :)

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