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Santorelli, 3rd line center option? [also horvat]

Tom Sestito

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As soon as he was signed, I thought that he could possibly be our third line center. He had a season where he put up 40 points I think? I think the coaches should look at playing him with Higgins + Hansen for a preseason game just to see what he can do.

Also, I don't believe Horvat has been given a fair enough opportunity yet. He hasn't been given the chance to excel like Hunter has, by playing with Kesler and Burrows, etc. I'd like to see the canucks play him with maybe, Booth + Burrows, or Higgins + Hansen one game, just to see how he can fair.

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Gaunce has had a really strong preseason imo and that has little to do with his goals. He is really good in his own zone and can make good passes out of the zone. That said if he makes the team it will be as a winger I think. Santorelli definitly has speed and could fit on the 3rd, with Schroeder's injuries it might make it a lot more likely. Horvat hasn't played well enough to get a spot out of camp which isn't a big deal as he is 18 and no one should of expected him to be ready yet.

This would be my ideal lineup but with injuries to Booth and Schroeder could see Shinkaruk getting a few games on the 2nd as he has looked the most dangerous of the young guys so far. I also think Lain might get a chance on the 4th to start the season as he has been quietly effective.

Sedin Sedin Kassian

Booth Kesler Burrows

Higgins Schroeder Hansen

Santorelli Richardson Weise

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I'd like to see:

Sedin Sedin Kassian - Scoring line 1

Burrows Kesler Hansen - Checking line 2

Higgins Richardson Gaunce - Checking line 2

Booth Santorelli Schroeder - Scoring line 2


Gives us a balanced lineup. Swap Schroeder for Weise/Sestito in more physical games. 5 on 5 all lines would get similar minutes, with the top two lines eating up a lot of special teams minutes.

Playing Gaunce with Higgins and Richardson wouldn't ruin his development, and Schroeder gets a shot to play with two decent offensive players.

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I don't think anyone trying to make this team is playing better than Santorelli right now, although I also don't understand Horvat being played with dusters or prospects always it's not even close i'm not sure it matters. Dude said he came to make a statement, things have been proven. I honestly don't see anything from any of the prospects other than Shinkaruk and Lack warranting even 9 games. Gaunce is bubble for me, he's there defensively and knows where to be at the net but he can't skate and doesn't cycle well so another year of junior is probably best.

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If I'm not mistaken, Sestito would have to clear waivers which he stands a decent chance of not clearing (as much as I may agree with you about his play). There aren't very many 6'5" 230 lb players who are as mobile as Sestito and who are also willing to fight people of his size (even if he tends to lose those fights).

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Bo is not ready.

Gaunce is not ready either.

Shinkaruk is the closest, but he needs to bulk up a bit to prevent early injuries that could plague him for his entire career.

Jordan played well before the injury and will be the 3rd line pivot IMO when he's healthy. Jensen starts in the AHL.

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