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Kassian Huge Suspension....Rest of pre + First 5 Games of Reg. Season

Cold Hard Truth

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So Weise hits a guy in the head and only gets pre-season games. While Kassian ACCIDENTALLY hits a guy in the face with a stick and gets 5 regular season games?

So are they really saying that Kassian's play was equivalent to Duncan Keith's hit on Sedin? REALLY? Actually they're saying it's worse cause he also gets pre-season games.

???? typical. ???? typical NHL.

What a ???? joke.

They really need to get their **** together. ???? suspending a guy based on injury is ???? retarded. Weise's play was way worse than Kassian's, yet Kassian gets the book thrown at him cause he hurt a guy. They base suspensions way too much on injury.

Basically you can do ???? ridiculous crap that is completely over the line but as long as no one gets hurt then it doesn't matter I guess. For example watch what happens to Kessel. He probably won't even get suspended yet he ???? looked like he was hacking down a tree. But because there was no injury I guess it's okay.

Jesus ???? Christ. What the frack is wrong with this league?

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Complete garbage. It was reckless and deserved something, but 3 preseason and 5 regular season games is excessive. But really, what do you expect, they're suspending by injury here. It's not like the league has ever had much of a standard in distinguishing the differences between intent-based and injury-based suspensions.

If Kessel gets 5+ regular season games for his two handed, clearly intentional slashes then maybe I'll believe they're developing some small sort of consistency in their thinking. But does anyone think that'll actually happen?

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